Interview with Ph.D. Candidate Fred Campbell

Fred Campbell

Fred Campbell

Frederick “Fred” Cambell is a former football player at New Rochelle High School and Stanford University. He is currently working on Ph.D. in statistics at Rice University.

Fred Campbell and his mother

Fred and his mother Mary Campbell

Terrance Jackson: You were born in Fairbanks, Alaska, how did your family end up in New Rochelle, NY?
Fred Campbell: Through work, my dad was working for GE, and ending up moving to Connecticut. We were living at Oakland at the time, so we moved from Oakland to New Rochelle.

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New Ro Football Coach Louis DiRienzo

New Rochelle Football coach Louis Di Rienzo

Interview with New Rochelle football coach Louis DiRienzo
Terrance Jackson: Your teams have won two state championships (2003 and 2012), and they also have won the New York State Section 1 AA championship nine times since 2003, including five straight from 2006 to 2010. What does it take to run a successful football program?
Louis DiRienzo: Well, the first thing it takes is good football players. But secondly, I like to think there’s a lot of things that goes into running a successful football program. One of the things is… My tongue is still kind of swollen [Coach DiRienzo did this interview immediately after having a root canal]. One of the things is the continuity in coaching staff. My coaching staff has been together for a long time now.
The next thing that goes into it, is there’s a process. We just don’t show up in August and start playing football. In January, we start with the off-training season and off-season weight training program. Then that moves into our speed program. Then it moves into summer camps. It’s just a process that we as coaches believe in and the kids have brought into that process and they understand.
Our motto around here, or one of our mottos is, believe in the process, the outcomes will take care of itself. So I think it’s a kid’s willingness to believe in the process and grasp in it, has lead to a lot of our success. But at the end of the day, good football players make good football coaches a lot faster than good football coaches make good football players.
New Rochelle football team

New Rochelle football team 2015 Section 1 AA Champion for the first time since 2012

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