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A study by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University found that between half a million and a million jobs could be created if higher-income Black households spent only $1 of every $10 at Black-owned stores and other enterprises.

Black-owned restaurants in Harlem

The hottest craze a few months ago was Pokémon Go. At one time it topped Twitter’s daily users, and it saw people spending more time in its app than in Facebook.

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is an example of augmented reality (AR). Instead of using Pokémon (pocket monsters), we are developing an augmented reality game that uses similar game mechanics but with themes involving Black-owned businesses.

Pokémon Go has quickly become one of the most viral mobile applications of all time. The game is now the biggest ever in the U.S.; it has now topped Twitter’s daily users, and it sees people spending more time in its app than in Facebook, according to reports from various tracking firms.

Daily time spent in Pokemon GO

Most game players have never heard of Unity Technologies, but its software was used in the creation of a large number of the world’s top mobile games, including the current hit Pokémon Go.
On Wednesday, Unity announced that it had raised $181 million from investors led by DFJ Growth. Investors valued the company, which is based in San Francisco, at about $1.5 billion after the latest fund-raising round.
Unity makes what is known as a game engine, the code beneath the graphics and sound of a game that handles its basic operations. Game engines are essential for developers, greatly accelerating the completion of a game.
Unity’s game engine is especially common among mobile games, which are growing far more quickly than traditional console games. Unity estimates that its engine is used in more than 31 percent of the 1,000 top grossing mobile games.
We taught a class in Larchmont on Unity programming.
Teach Them Computer Programming!
Robert Nay

Robert Nay at 14 years old built a number 1 iPhone app called Bubble Ball.

The Achievement Gap
For decades, educators have struggled to close the “achievement gap,” the persistent differences in test scores, grades and graduation rates among students of different races, ethnicities and, in some subjects, genders.
When it comes to technology skills, the U.S. comes in last place — right below Poland. In addition, there was a significant racial difference with non-whites scoring below whites.

The Genius Farm

Psychologists are finding evidence that short, simple interventions can make a surprisingly large difference. Terrance Jackson adopted some of these simple interventions in a class called “Creating Computer Games with Terrance Jackson” that was offered to local 5th-8th graders at Larchmont Library. The game that they created is below.


Click here to play.
The new model of advertising and branding demands that companies improve public life and satisfy the needs of our higher sacred selves.


Click the image above for a rough draft of Seven Magazine.

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