Run/Walk To Fight Hunger & Homelessness

Saturday, April 22nd

New Ro 5K

$30 Entry Fee includes t-shirt
Registration begins 9 am at
The Salvation Army
22 Church Street, New Rochelle, NY 10801
(914) 632-5255
For more information please call: 914-355-0381
To download draft of booklet to businesses and potential sponsors click here

“Everyone thinks the marathon is the Holy Grail, when a lot of people should really be doing the 5K,” Jason Karp, an exercise physiologist and running coach, told me in an interview several years ago. Some people aren’t suited to long distances — their natural talents tend toward power and speed rather than endurance. And if you’re exercising for health and fitness, several studies suggest that moderate mileage, which is typical in a training plan for 5Ks, might provide a better way to get there.
At the American College of Sports Medicine meeting in Boston this month, Paul Williams, a researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, presented findings from the National Runners’ and Walkers’ Health Study showing that running has a long list of health benefits — including reductions in BMI, improved cholesterol, reduced cancer risk and decreases in gallbladder disease, cataracts, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s mortality and respiratory disease. But here’s the thing: More isn’t always better. At the same sessionDuck-chul Lee of Iowa State University presented data showing that after a certain point, additional mileage provided diminishing returns.

New Ro Magazine

Click the above image for a Rough draft of New Ro Magazine.
New Ro Magazine [New Ro is short for New Rochelle, NY] is a free community magazine that will combine print, video, and digital while understanding the human element.
Overwhelming clutter has made traditional advertising nearly worthless for most businesses. We live in a world that has become ad rich but idea poor.

People don't want to be bombarded with ads


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