Understanding Women

understanding women

According to a Business Insider Infographic “Women Control The Money In America:”
At home, the majority of women (90 percent) still control the family’s purse strings, from stocking up on household items to having the final say on home and car purchases and health care.
Most small business owners don’t understand women

Most small business owners don’t understand women yet two women in a store is a shopping machine.

Consider the following:
  • Most small business owners don’t understand women yet two women in a store is a shopping machine.
  • There’s a very strong consumer bias for well-run local businesses. Look at the popularity of farmers markets. But it has to have an energy, freshness and evangelical joy to it.
  • Don’t neglect cleanliness. Hygiene is very important, especially to women.
  • Most women will U-turn and leave an aisle if it’s so narrow that another shopper gives them a “butt-brush.”
  • New windows and reorganization on the floor is necessary to create a sense of evolution that brings excitement to the space.
  • Engage all five senses. Shoppers are conscious of what they see, taste, smell, touch and hear. Sense marketing is an inexpensive way to impact the customer experience.
  • 85% of people have used the Internet to search for local businesses, yet only 3 percent of small business total advertising dollars flowed online, compared to as much as 16 percent for big companies.
Looking for more effective marketing advice like this then get ready for Seven Magazine. At Seven magazine, we are developing a model to utilize the benefits of both print and digital, while also addressing the human element.

Seven Magazine

Seven Magazine is a free community magazine that will initially be mailed to all the residential addresses in the 10538 zip code (Larchmont, NY) in August.  We will follow-up in October by mailing to all the residential addresses in the 10708 zip code (Bronxville, NY).
New York State has 11 places listed in 100 highest-income places with at least 1,000 households, 8 of those places are in Westchester County:
  1. Armonk, New York (17)
  2. Scarsdale, New York (18)
  3. Bronxville, New York (20)
  4. Chappaqua, New York (41)
  5. Rye (city), New York (50)
  6. Pound Ridge, New York (54)
  7. New Castle, New York (58)
  8. Larchmont, New York (60)

Seven Magazine is creating real innovation and real value for locally-owned businesses by understanding people as human beings, not consumers. The basic idea is to build a close personal relationship with each customer that is based on quality, service, friendship, loyalty, and communications. And, not based on discounts. For example, all businesses have Gold customers – a small percentage that provides 80% of your revenue and profit.
We will help you identify these Gold customers and develop programs designed to retain them. You use resources that you could not afford to spend on all of your customers. Profits come from working to retain the best, and encouraging others to move up to higher status levels.
To do this, we start with great content. According to a Forbes article by Gilad de Vries, “Far too many dollars are flowing into display ads, which are incredibly weak branding vehicles:”
What was the last great commercial you saw? Any come to mind? I’m sure several do. Now close your eyes and try to tell me about a display ad you saw lately. Anything?
By some estimates, the gap between online ad spending and consumption of digital media is already as much as $20B. Without effective options for driving brand awareness, the industry will continue to be stifled, as media buyers revert to tried-and-true options like the 30-second TV spot.
The bottom line is that there is only one true branding mechanism online and that’s content marketing.
You need to get out there and actively get your content discovered, and you have to do it in a subtle way, without pushing it down people’s throats or interrupting them with push advertising. Content marketing should be a pull strategy — a strategy that allows people to discover you, rather than you crashing their party.
Creating great content, real innovation, and real value for locally-owned businesses by understanding people as human beings, not consumers.



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