This Girl Is On Fire

Girl on Fire

A Campaign to Close the Achievement Gap

For decades, educators have struggled to close the “achievement gap,” the persistent differences in test scores, grades and graduation rates among students of different races, ethnicities and, in some subjects, genders.

According to an American Psychological Association article, a group of social and cognitive psychologists have approach this problem not based on the idea that at least some of these disparities are the result of faulty teaching or broken school systems, but instead spring from toxic stereotypes that cause ethnic-minority and other students such as women to question whether they belong in school and whether they can do well there. While such a major problem might seem to require widespread social change to fix, the psychologists are finding evidence that short, simple interventions can make a surprisingly large difference. Quick classroom exercises that bolster students’ resistance to stereotypes and change the way they think about learning can have dramatically out-of-scale effects, these researchers say.

And indeed, they’ve gotten dramatic results. In one of the best-known studies, low-performing black middle school students who completed several 15-minute classroom writing exercises raised their GPAs by nearly half a point over two years, compared with a control group.

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Chess Day New Rochelle

Columbus Day
Monday, October 13, 2014
Joshua Colas

Joshua Colas

Library Green
1 Library Plaza
(Lawton Street and Huguenot Street)
New Rochelle, New York 10801
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Sunil Weeramantry

Sunil Weeramantry, Executive Director National Scholastic Chess Foundation

Chess playing robot

Chess Day will feature a chess playing robot

Want Your Children To Succeed?
Teach Them Chess & Computer Programming!
Magnus Carlsen and Bill Gates

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen playing second wealthiest person according to Forbes Microsoft Co-founder and Chairman Bill Gates.

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Addressing Gender Inequity

StartUpTown is currently working on a number of projects addressing gender inequity. Click here to download handout.

The Roizen Cleopatra Hopper Parks Lovelace (RoC HoPLo) Lab looks to address gender inequity by teaching girls entrepreneurial skills and also that there is not just one way for a woman to become successful. The RoC HoPLo Lab will take place at Larchmont Library in four (4) sessions: October 15th, 22nd, 29th, and November 5th.

We are also working on an event to help women obtain government contracts. We are initially looking to focus on E-Rate and increasing broadband access. We are also looking to submit a comment for the “Model City” (see below) based on developing a Smart Wi-Fi system (beam steering, beam forming, adaptive signal path selection, quality of service, traffic classification, and fancy RF routing) and an experimental mobile phone network that uses the Smart WiFi system (e.g. The contracting event will most likely take place in January in Larchmont, NY. These events will be featured in a documentary called I Could Be…

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Event helping women obtain government contracts

If the federal government is a customer, women-owned businesses are 23 times more likely to be million-dollar businesses. So we at StartUpTown are working on an idea for an event that will help women obtain government contracts at every level of government: school board, local, county, state, and federal. The event will feature Fran Pastore (click here for copy of our handout).

Ms. Pastore is a strong proponent of women’s empowerment through economic stability. WBDC focuses on financial and entrepreneurial training assisting aspiring and established business owners to start and grow their small business.

She has testified at Congressional hearings and has recently finished a three year term as a member of a Presidential advisory council the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) and is currently a board member of Women Impacting Public Policy.

This event will be featured in a documentary addressing gender inequity called I Could Be… The documentary will also feature The RoC HoPLo Lab that will take place at Larchmont Library in October.

A version of the documentary will initially air on LMC-TV. It will also be screened at StartUpTown Weekend – Stanford where we will ask “Does Your Business Understand Women?

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