GOTV Using NationBuilder

New Rochelle NAACP

StartUpTown will be working with the New Rochelle NAACP branch on a Get Out To Vote (GOTV) effort for the New Rochelle School Board election on May 20th.

One of the major issues that we will be addressing is religious literacy. Americans are very religious, but we know very little about religion. In a USA Today article, “Americans get an ‘F’ in religion,” Boston University Professor Stephen Prothero offers a remedy:

Prothero’s solution is to require middle-schoolers to take a course in world religions and high schoolers to take one on the Bible. Biblical knowledge also should be melded into history and literature courses where relevant.

Stephen Prothero on The Colbert Report

BU Professor Stephen Prothero on The Colbert Report

For this election, we are looking to do the type of mailings and door-to-door canvassing suggested by this New York Times article:

Before the 2006 Michigan gubernatorial primary, three political scientists isolated a group of voters and mailed them copies of their voting histories, listing the elections in which they participated and those they missed. Included were their neighbors’ voting histories, too, along with a warning: after the polls closed, everyone would get an updated set.

After the primary, the academics examined the voter rolls and were startled by the potency of peer pressure as a motivational tool. The mailer was 10 times better at turning nonvoters into voters than the typical piece of pre-election mail whose effectiveness has ever been measured.


We will be using the NationBuilder platform.

The New Rochelle School Board budget passed in 2013 was $239.5 million. What we learn can be used in the September primaries, the general election in November, and next year’s School Board election.

Click here to download brochure that will handed out at the New Rochelle NAACP branch meeting.


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