Want Your Children To Succeed?

Teach Them Chess & Computer Programming!

Magnus Carlsen and Bill Gates

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen playing second wealthiest person according to Forbes, Microsoft Co-founder and Chairman Bill Gates.

We are working on a summer program in New Rochelle to teach chess and computer programming. We are also looking to give out $40 tablets, and set up free WiFi.

According to studies:

  • Chess boosts brain power in kids.
  • Chess improves IQ.
  • Chess enhances arithmetical skills.
  • Chess hones verbal skills.
  • Chess sharpens critical thinking skills.
  • Chess boosts emotional intelligence and psycho-social skills.

Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, Will Smith, Bono, and Madonna were or are avid chess players. Tennis legend and six-time Grand Slam singles champion Boris Becker said:

“I used to prepare for my tennis matches by playing chess, and it would get my mind stimulated and focused before going on court. It was essentially a mental warm-up.”

In an interview with The Harvard Business Review, former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov said:

There is nothing cute or charming about chess; it is a violent sport, and when you confront your opponent you set out to crush his ego. The world chess masters with whom I have competed over the years nearly all share my belief that chess is a battleground on which the enemy has to be vanquished. This is what it means to be a chess player, and I cannot imagine that it is very different from what it takes to be a top-ranked CEO.

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Chess Day at Larchmont Library

Play The State Champ

Saturday, March 8th, 2014 at 11am

Joshua Colas

New York State High School Chess Champion Joshua Colas

New York State High School Chess Champion Joshua Colas will give a chess simultaneous exhibition at the Larchmont Library on Saturday, March 8th at 11am.

In December 2013, Joshua won the 10th Grade National Chess Championship in Orlando, Florida.

Preregister on the Larchmont Library website.

Katie Dellamaggiore

Brooklyn Castle Director Katie Dellamaggiore

Free Screening of Brooklyn Castle with Director Katie Dellamaggiore

Saturday, March 8th at 2pm

Brooklyn Castle Poster

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There Is No Conflict Between Science and the Bible

The medieval philosopher Moses Maimonides insisted that conflicts between science and the Bible arise from either a lack of scientific knowledge or a defective understanding of the Bible. Many great scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, George Washington Carver, Robert Boyle, Michael Faraday and Louis Pasteur were deeply religious men.

Telsa - Time magazine

July 20, 1931; Celebrating Tesla’s 75th Birthday

Nikola Tesla gives full credit to God for his ability to discover some amazing new ideas in the Bible. Microwave comes from the fourth chapter of Revelations. His idea of the alternating current comes from the book of Matthew. In other words from the Trinity. Tesla explains that his microwave, for instance, is not what many others think it is. It is not a wave, it is a dimension. The actual dimension of the beam. Tesla clearly states that his microwave is a beam which grows smaller. But he states that it’s diameter is smaller than the hair of your head. Continue reading