Shrinking your mobile phone bill

U.S. families spend an average of $139 a month on cell phones — $1,668 a year — up from $127 a month in 2009. Freeing up unlicensed spectrum will shrink your mobile phone bill.

Republic Wireless offers a $5-a-month plan for unlimited talk, text, and data. This plan is dependent on unlicensed spectrum.

Republic Wireless

Scratch Wireless offers free unlimited talk, text, and data. This is also dependent on unlicensed spectrum.

Scratch Wireless

If you are tired of paying outrageous mobile phone bills and want more companies to offer inexpensive mobile phone service then sign the online petition to President Obama, Congress, and the FCC Commissioners which says:

“FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has said that having sufficient unlicensed spectrum (e.g. Wifi) will be key to American innovation and global competitiveness.  President Obama, Congress, and the FCC please free up the unlicensed spectrum and get Americans working again.”

To sign this petition click here:

Thank you!

Additional background information:
Lawrence Lessig

There is a corruption at the heart of American politics, caused by the dependence of Congressional candidates on funding from the tiniest percentage of citizens. ~ Lawrence Lessig:

There is an important battle being raged in Washington right now over something called quote spectrum. A battle that is extraordinary important to the future of the Internet and one in which the extremists are now prevailing. This is a battle of whether we will sell all spectrum such that access to spectrum is controlled by those who own the property right. If the extremist win then this will destroy the potential for cheap ubiquitous uncontrolled access to the Internet that is increasing spreading throughout the country right now. We need to do something to stop this shift before the shift becomes permanent.


One thought on “Shrinking your mobile phone bill

  1. I heard years ago (on some PBS show) that there is PASSED legislation REQUIRING the big cable companies to provide free wifi everywhere in the US. There’s just nobody enforcing it, gee I wonder why. So it’s not really about increasing unlicensed spectrum, it’s about simply (as it were) enforcing what is already law.

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